For curly wigs, creating voluminous curls is a desired styling choice for many wig wearers. While naturally bouncy, might lose their volume over time or arrive less voluminous straight out of the package. Fortunately, there are various method can help enhance and restore volume to curly wigs. We will introduce in today’s blog.

how to add volume to curly wigs

Why Your Curly Wig Looks Less Volume?

Newly Purchased Wig

Your newly purchased curly wig may appear less voluminous right out of the package, which is entirely normal. You'll notice that the curls of the wig are clumped and stuck together; this is done to maintain the hairstyle, especially for curly wigs, making it convenient for storage and transportation during shipping.

how to add volume to curly wigs

Product Build-Up

If you frequently use styling products on your wig, these products tend to accumulate on the hair strands, and your scalp secretes oils and sweat daily. Environmental factors like dust also contribute to this buildup, which can weigh down the curls and reduce their volume.

The Age Of The Wig

Wigs also have a lifespan. Typically, the lifespan of human hair wigs is about 1 to 2 years, although it depends on various factors, and frequent wear can shorten this duration. In general, over time, even with proper care, hair strands may lose their initial bouncy due to exposure to various elements, resulting in a diminished appearance of volume.

Improper Care

Do you like using excessive heat from styling tools on your curly or hot water when washing your wig? Or follow other types of wrong wig care instructions. All those improper wig caring method or your habits will cause the curls to lose their shape and volume.

Humidity And Weather

Curly hair can be affected by humidity and weather conditions. High humidity levels can cause curls to lose their definition and appear flatter. So, if you're aiming for voluminous curly hairstyle, opt out of wet look.

How To Get Volume Look On Your Curly?

Brush Or Fingers To Separate

This is a relatively quick and simple method that works great on newly purchased wigs. When you receive a curly wig, you will found the curls are typically presented in a compact or slightly flattened state.

This requires you to separate the tightly gathered curls using your fingers or a comb. It's a process that demands some time and patience, so enjoy taking your time with doing so, and handle with a gentle touch as being too rough might cause the wig to shed.

how to add volume to curly wigs

To make this process easier, you can choose to work on a wig head. Start by roughly separating the curls with your fingers, then take a small section of hair and either comb it upward or lift it with your fingers from the roots to the ends of the hair. Repeat this process for all the hair strands. Once you've separated and combed through all the hair this way, you'll achieve a voluminous, well-defined curly hairstyle.

Timely Build-Up Cleaning

Clean your wig promptly after removing it and don't wait until the next time you wear it. After using a wig, sweat, scalp oils and residual hairspray or products will accumulate on the wig. If not washed in time, this dirt will gradually accumulate, becoming dry and stiff, and adhere to the lace or hair strands, not only it is more difficult to clean, but it weight down the hair strands, especially the top of the wig will look flat.

When your scalp starts to itch and you find yourself scratching through the wig cap, and the wig appears greasy, it's time for a wash. Properly washing and caring for your wig is crucial. If you're removing a lace front wig secured with adhesive, take your time to clean away any residual glue from the lace area. You can gently remove leftover adhesive with a toothbrush.

During deep conditioning, apply conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. Avoid applying it directly to the roots like like applying shampoo, as this can lead to buildup at the hair knots, undoing the effort put into washing the wig.

Reverse Parting

This method works well for achieving a side-part hairstyle. If you desire a left-side parting, before air-drying the wig on a wig stand, pre-part the wig into a right-side parting style. Let the wig air-dry in this style. When you wear the wig, adjust it to create a left-side parting. This way lifts the roots and help you get a more volume left side parting hairstyle.

how to add volume to curly wigs

Curl Volumizing Products

There are various specialized products available to enhance and maintain volume in curly wigs. These products include volumizing mousse or foam, root-lifting spray, and dry shampoo, helping lift the roots and enhance the natural bounce of the curls or providing a lift at the roots for added fullness.

Using Lightweight Products

Refrain from using heavy shampoo, conditioner, creams, gels, or oils as they can weigh down the curls and make the wig appear flat. Opt for products labeled as "volumizing" "water-based" or "lightweight."

Diffuse The Hair

If possible, use a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer set to a low heat setting. This helps dry the curls without disturbing their natural pattern, enhancing their volume and bounce.

Use Afro Comb

Ensure your curly wig is clean and completely dry before using Afro comb. Then divide the wig hair into sections, insert the comb into the roots and gently fluff and lift the roots of each section. Avoid using too much force. This process helps to create overall volume without disturbing the curl pattern excessively.

Pay extra attention to the crown area of the wig, as adding volume here can create a fuller look. Use the comb to lift and tease the roots for added height.

Final Words

Have you mastered these methods for adding volume to curly wigs? Choose a technique that suits you and take action! Do you have other methods? Feel free to leave comments below.

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