How To Get This Reward?

Step 1

Purchased from

Step 2

Upload a video on your TT/IG/YouTube & tag @wigfever

Step 3

Once we receive & verified your video,you'll get $10 coupon.

Step 4

Promote your video & get the following rewards.

Your Honest Review Can Also get a Cash Back

Trustpilot Good Review Get 5$ Unlimited Coupon
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Notice: After reviewed,please send the screenshot to email we will send you the coupon ASAP!

Up to Get $500 Cash Back For Video Post

Rules Of Video Reward

Tiktok Views

Instagram Likes

YouTube Video Views





$20 refund




$50 refund & 30$ Coupon




$100 refund & 50$ Coupon




$300 refund & two 100$ Coupons


1.Video rewards are valid within one month from the release of the video and are rewarded according to the highest number of video views within the validity period.

2.All the title of videos should involves Wigfever Hair and add or product link on the video.

3.DM us by IG @Wigfever and send us your post link.

4.YouTube video needs more than 3 minutes.

PLUS: If you post a lot photos or videos with the same hair in one month, we will take the hottest one to do cash back or Coupon. ( AIl platform views can be summed up within one Month)