To create the perfect look, so many people are fans of a lace wig. However, you have to apply lace wig adhesive to achieve that flawless natural looking hairline. For many wig wearers, how to remove glue off can be a headache. Don’t worry, today we would like to provide you some easy, safe, quick and effective guide on how to remove lace glue with some products. Let’s get right into this blog!

How to safely remove glue off our lace wig or skin

Why should we remove glue?


Although lace glue wigs look great and realistic, do you know the glue can cause damage to your natural hair and scalp. it has the potential to block your pores and can lead to damaged skin and hair follicles. In the long term, blocked pores have the effect of causing varied degrees of hair loss. Allergic reactions such as redness and itching of the skin around the scalp and hairline can occur in people who use glue to fix their wigs for a long time.

What can you use to get rid of wig glue?


Alcohol or alcohol based solution

This is the most traditional method of removing lace front glue from your natural hair, but it is also the most effective and quickest in the meanwhile.

Alcohol or alcohol based solutionv

The first step is to use a bottle to spray the alcohol on the edge and hairline where you apply glue, or you can use a Alcohol-soaked towel to wipe the glue off.
Then, give the alcohol at least five minutes to completely dissolve the adhesive.
Finally, it's time to take the lace off the wig cap. lift the lace up a little bit more and more until Until the whole wig is removed.


In the process of lifting if you feel a sense of pain, do not continue lifting to avoid destroying the wig, try to use alcohol to dissolve the glue until it is easy for lace removing and no pain for you.
The method is not friendly to people who are susceptible to allergies.
Be patient and gentle while removing glue on a lace front wig, I now that none of us want to go through the process of accidentally ruining lace.


Maybe we know that acetone is a useful organic solvent that breaks down glues and sticky residues on contact, effectively dissolving them and leaving the surface non-sticky. So it is another common chemcial product to use if you want the glue to get rid of quickly and fast.


In the same way that alcohol was utilized as a dissolvent in the previous method, you just need to spray the liquid on the lace area, or you can pour a small amount of acetone onto a clean towel and rub it around the hair edge. It's time to wait, wait about one minute, then peel the lace off.


Pregnant women should not use it since it has some damage. We also do not recommend its long-term use to others.
Don't leave it on your forehead for too long as it can be harmful to your scalp.
Acetone can release a pungent odor that some people do not tolerate.

Lace bond remover

Did you know that there is a product on the market called “Lace Bond Remover” that is designed to remove glue from lace? This kind of product is really highly effective and available in a non-irritating formula.

How to use it correctly? Apply along the lace adhesive area. Let it sit a few minutes, and gently wipe any adhesive that has peeled off.

Soda or salt mixture

Out of all the methods, this is the most gentle way to removing lace front glue. For people with sensitive skin, it is great alternative product. Continue reading to understand more about this method.

Soda or salt mixture

Step one: Add a good amount of salt or soda to warm water and stir to speed up the dissolving process. Then fill a spray bottle with the mixture.
Step two: spray your edges. This step needs to be repeated several times.
Step three: Wait a little longer until the adhesive releases.
Finally it's time to remove the wig and wipe your forehead clean of any remaining glue.


Vaseline isn't just for chapped lips, it's also effective at removing lace wig glue! This hack is as safe and gentle as soda or salt mixture.


Simply apply some Vaseline to the hairline, let it for a few minutes, and then wipe away with a moist towel to get the desired result.


We all know that oil is a great lubricant, so this method can reduce the friction between the scalp and the makeup wipes protect the skin in the forehead area.
Don't get hung up on what type of oil to use, any types you can find around the house will work.

Pour out an appropriate amount of oil on a makeup wipe and gently wipe the hairline area. After a few minutes, lift the lace edges with one hand, continue to rub with your other hand, letting the oil touch all the crevices and corners of the lace section, until the whole wig take off.


How to wash the glue off the wig?

It is necessary to to ensure that our wigs are cleaned thoroughly and leave no residue for the next time you wear it. What's more, it will shorten the lifespan of your wig too!

Get your toothbrush dipped in water, following you're just gonna wipe that glue off.
Then wash the entire wig with the shampoo (or soap). This will remove anything that could have been leftover on the wig.
Using conditioner after carefully cleaning your wig might help it last longer for the next time you wear it. Shampoo removes moisture from the hair, so using conditioner  will replenish that moisture and keep your wig looking wonderful.

In conclusion

We hope that this guide could help you safely remove glue from your lace front wig. If you have other tips to remove a lace wig without any damage? Welcome to share your comments below. If you want choose a lace wig, we have high quality real human hair lace wigs for you. If you feel it is complicated using glue, we also have a great selection of glueless wigs for you to choose from.