Curly wigs have always been beloved by black girls because they look very natural when worn, and among the various ways of styling curly wigs, wet and voluminous hairstyles are relatively simple and easy to achieve, and are also very popular. But how to get that wet and volume look? Let's learn the specific methods through today's article.

how to style a curly wig

How To Get Wet Curly Wig?

Gather Necessary Tools And Products

Water spray
Conditioner Mousse
Paddle brush
A dry towel(optional)
A wig stand(optional)

how to style a curly wig

step 1:

Firstly, determine whether to create this perfect hairstyle on a wig stand or directly wearing the wig on your head. Working on a wig stand is more suitable for beginners as it's easier to handle. However, many people prefer achieving this pop hairstyle on their head. The latter option is recommended as it allows for better final look.

step 2:

If you choose to directly wear the wig on your head for styling, it's advisable to drape a towel over your shoulders to prevent getting your clothes wet and leaving product residue on them during your normal wet routine. If opting to work on a wig stand, you can skip this step.

step 3:

Next, thoroughly comb through the hair, starting from the ends and slowly working your way up to the roots, to prevent tangles. The presence of tangles can interfere with the subsequent process of defining curls, so this step is essential.

step 4:

Then mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle, shake well to ensure thorough mixing. Take a section of hair and dampen it with this mixture. Next, use your paddle brush to comb through this dampened section of hair. Although it's often emphasized not to comb hair when it's wet, doing so now can be incredibly beneficial, as it helps define curls more distinctly and adds shine. This small action can have a significant impact.

how to style a curly wig

step 5:

Repeat this step, wetting and brushing through one section of hair strands at a time, until all of the hair is dampened with the conditioner and water mixture and has been brushed through.

step 6:

At this point, you'll notice how beautiful the curl pattern of your curly wig is and how good the quality of the curls looks.

Let's move on to the next step. Building upon the previous step, continue by applying mousse to the hair. Choose a lightweight mousse and avoid applying it to the roots. Instead, apply it from the middle to the ends of the hair. The mousse helps to define the curls further.

Here we have a YouTube for you, where the influencer uses curling cream.

How To Achieve Volume Curly Look?

step 7:

So now that you've finished defining the curls, you're just going to let it air dry. There’s no need for you to let the hair super dry enough; I want to say it was about 80% dry, which is enough.

step 8:

Let’s go ahead to achieve that voluminous curly look. Start by separating the curls and shaking them to get the best results. You can also use the head back and forth method to make those curls as big as you can. Actually, when your wig is completely dry, the wig would look like even bigger.

To Sum Up

Finally, for curly human hair wigs, remember to wash them thoroughly immediately after each long period of wear. Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to provide the wig with nourishment. Avoid waiting until the next wear to wash it, as this can help restore the curls and prolong the lifespan of your curly wig.

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