Body wave wigs typically have big and loose curl pattern. Given that all types of our wigs are 100% human hair wig, allowing customers to restyle them. Some of our customers like to unleash their creativity by curling their body wave wigs after receiving them. Do you want to know how to curl a body wave wig? Keep reading today's article.

how to curl a body wave wig

How To Curl a Body Wave Wig With a Flat Iron?

Take Some Time To Have a Look At This Section First.

If you wish to curl your newly purchased body wave wig, we generally recommend washing it with a gentle shampoo beforehand. This is because newly acquired wigs may have a slight odor. After allowing it to air-dry completely, you can then use a flat iron. However, if you're pressed for time, you can also curl it directly.

The curls of a newly purchased body wave wig are bundled together for ease of transportation. Don't forget to separate the curls by finger combing or using a wide-tooth comb. If you have been wearing the body wave wig for some time, if notice any tangles, be sure to detangle before using a flat iron.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: put your body wave human hair wig on a wig head for easily handling. Heat the flat iron to the appropriate temperature then test the heat on a small section of hair near the tips before styling the entire wig.

Step 2: Divide the hair into small sections, you can start curling from back to top or from left to right, securing the rest hair to prevent interference while curling.

Step 3: Take a small section of hair and comb through it again to ensure it's tangle-free.

Step 4: Clamp the flat iron near the roots of the hair section, then continuously twist and rotate it until the hair at the tips is also wrapped around the flat iron. The longer the wig, the more rotations may be needed.

Step 5: Keep the flat iron hold this section of hair in this position for a moment, then slowly release the flat iron.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 for the remaining sections of hair.

Step 7: Once all sections are curled, use your fingers to gently separate and tousle the curls for a more natural look.

Step 8: Finish with using a light-hold hairspray that provides hold without making the hair stiff. This helps maintain the shape of these new curls throughout the day.

Below we also provide a YouTube video, in this video, you can learn how easily putting on a wear go body wave wig, and how to style it, how to curl a body wave wig?

How Do You Maintain a Body Wave Wig?

The frequency of washing a body wave wig does not need to be too frequent because, over time, the 'S' curls of the body wave are inevitably prone to fading, becoming less prominent. The more frequently you wash the wig, the faster the loss of its bigger and looser curls.

Under normal circumstances, the lifespan of wigfever 100% human hair wig is 1 to 2 years. During this period, a body wave wig may lose its shape, and the most common method is to use heat styling tools to redefine the curls.

Moisturizing your human hair wig is crucial as hair strands that lacks moisture is prone to dryness, breakage, and frizz. Keeping hair hydration not only adds luster to the strands, making them appear healthier, but also making the curls looking bouncy, making them more defined and resilient.

In Conclusion

The body wave wig is highly malleable. As its large S-shaped curls can be reshaped into many other desired curls. Alternatively, if you prefer a straight look, you can flatten the body wave into straight—unlike a curly wig, body wave wigs are relatively easy to straighten. No wonder the body wave wig is so popular.

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