Changing your look has never been easier! But not when you’ve learned how to wear a wig. There are endless variety of styles available for you to choose from when you applying a wig. So in today’s blog, we will provide wig applying detail steps to help you achieve perfect look.

how to put on a wig

Wig install from start to finish

Products and tools you need

Bobby pins
Hair tie
a wig cap
A hair tricks comb
Wig glue
Tiny scissors

tools you will need

Step one: Prepare your hair


smooth your natural hair

To start with, brush your own hair with a hair tricks comb to detangle it, and that’s important. Then use the comb to brush your hair back from your hairline, make sure that your hair is smooth.

Flatten your natural hair

Once your natural hair is smooth, it’s time to style your own hair to make it as flat as possible. You may not give this step much thought, However, only if your own hair is as flat and smooth as possible can you ensure that the wig will look more natural when you wear it.
There are many ways to flatten your natural hair. If you have short to medium hair, just use bobby pins to pin your hair back, or try cornrows or flat twists. If your hair is long, low bun and wrapping braids are perfect for you.
Learn how to hide hair underneath a wig by reading our another blog tutorial.

Clean your skin

Wipe the scalp where you are about to apply the glue with a damp wipe or wet towel to avoid perspiration and oil weakening the glue.

Step two: put on your wig cap


There are mesh, spandex and nylon wig-cap available. A cooler and breathable alternative is mesh cap. Nylon wig caps are invisible and undetectable under your wig. Spandex wig caps are very durable. Find a type of wig cap works for you.
Stretch the wig cap back over your head while holding the front against the front of your hairline.
Make sure all of your hair is tucked beneath the wig cap, whether you have long or short hair, and don't forget that the wig cap should be above your natural hairline.

Step three: prepare the wig


Cutting the extra lace

This is an optional step. You can cut the lace before putting on the wig, or you can wait until the wig is on your head. The former is advised for newcomers.
Place the wig on your head and adjust it in the right position in front of the mirror. Make sure the lace completely covers the hairline area and extends a few inches beyond.
Before you begin cutting the lace, tie the wig hair away from the lace using a hair tie to make it simpler to cut the lace.
With one hand grabbing the lace and the scissors in the other, cut the lace along the hairline.

Apply glue

As for wig glue, pick the one you use the most. Then apply the wig glue along the perimeter of the hairline. Don't apply it to the hairline, stay close to it and extend it an inch or so.

Put on your wig

Here’s the most exciting steps - it’s wig wearing time! Now that you've cut off the excess lace and put glue in the right places. This process is significantly simpler.
Take the sides of the wig in both hands and place it on top of your already braided hair.
Adjust the wig position to get the desired outcome, align the glue and lace, fix the wig, and you're done.
If there is excess glue left on your forehead, wipe it off.

Step four: style the wig


Melt down the lace

If you feel the lace along the hairline of your wig is not natural-looking, then you can use your makeup brush and makeup powder to melt the lace along the hairline of your wig.

Wig styling

You are free to play around with this step. There are endless ways to style a wig. You can color it, put it up in a ponytail, create baby hairs, or even heat it.
If you have no idea about how to style a wig, we've covered you up-check out our another blog to learn how to style a wig for more info!


How long does it take to install a wig?

Well, I have to say the amount of time it will take to wearing a wig differs for everyone, based on the type of wig being installed as well as the speed and experience of the individual doing the installation. It may take longer if it's your first time wearing a wig, but if you're a regular wig wearer, the time will be shorter. In terms of wig type, the wig extension required the least amount of time, the lace wig required slightly more, and the sew-in wig required the most.

How long does a wig install last?

The time can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the type of wig and the method and professionalism of installing a wig.
Take wig glue install and sew-in wig install for example. This two types of installation can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to accomplish, but will have longer lasting time, holding 1~2 week, even more.


Now, you know the whole process of how to install a wig. The next step is for you to get some hands-on practice. Believe me after a few rounds of practice, you'll realize it's not that hard. We genuinely hope that you can pick up wearing wigs quickly and that you will enjoy the fun of wearing a wig.

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