Black women love heat styling their natural hair, but it can damage their hair in the long run. That's why most black women choose to wear wigs, which not only protects their natural hair, but also allows them to experiment with different hairstyles and add confidence. So today’s blog is dedicated to helping black women find wigs that look natural and add volume.

wigs for black women

Which Density Looks Natural For a Wig?

Wig density is crucial for a natural looking wig, but the which hair density that you choose is really based on personal preference. In the wig market, the most common wig densities you can find are 120%, 130%, 150%, 180%, and 200%. These various wig densities cater to different preferences, allowing individuals to choose a wig style that suits their personal preferences and hairstyle needs. If you want a relatively light and natural look, choose a wig density between 120% ~ 150%. however, if you prefer a fuller appearance, you are planning to purchase a denser wig, 180% and 200% denser wigs are better for you. This two density wigs provide high volume and a very substantial feel, ideal for those seeking a more voluminous effect.

What Color Should Black Women Choose Of Wigs?

Although we often hear that darker skin tones should opt for darker hair colors to achieve a more natural look, this advice is relative and might not be universally applicable for Black women. The choice of wig color should still be based on personal preferences. The following suggestions are provided for reference only.

If you put the naturalness of the wig in the first place, brown and natural black color wigs won’t let you down. In the wig market, supplies offer a wide variety of brown-toned wigs, and in reality, there's no need to obsess over specific shades. Black skin generally blends well with various shades of brown.

Blonde and red color wigs are also a good idea, such as honey blonde, 613 blonde, ash blonde, burgundy, and more.

What Are The Best Wigs For Black Women?

Straight Human Hair Wig

We've found that the majority of Black women don't consider their natural hair beautiful; they prefer using methods like heat straightening to relax their curls, pursuing long straight hairstyle.

At Wigfever, we offer various of straight wigs, from short bob to long straight, length 10~30 inches, trendy colors.

wigs for black women

This wig is on sale now!!!

Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Mongolian are available.

Lace type is quality transparent and HD Lace

Natural 180% Hair Density

Kinky Straight human hair wig

This kind of wig is not a sleek and polished straight, it is kinky straight. It look thicker and more volume than a straight density wig. The texture of kinky straight is meant to mimic the natural curl of African American hair after blow drying. So it really looks natural when wearing for black women.

wigs for black women

It is made of Mongolian hair.

Upgrade pre-bleached knots wig, invisible and more natural.

13*4 large lace front, more parting space.

150% and 200% density are available.

Wear Go Wig

For those who are used to wearing wigs for extended periods, even beyond a few days, and are concerned about potential scalp issues like itching or dandruff, trying the 'Wear & Go' wig might be beneficial. This type of wig allows for quick wearing and removal without the need for adhesive, providing the scalp with daily intervals of rest to mitigate potential scalp problems.

Our Wear Go wig series will leave you mesmerized, offering a wide array of fashion colors, lengths, and textures. While providing convenience, we never forget to cater to diverse needs.

wigs for black women

It is a classic natural color Afro curly wig.

For a curly style, 180% density is really voluminous.

The lace area is 4*7, natural hairline.

Wear go wig, easy install, convenient, soft and secure.

How Do Black Women Protect Their Natural Hair?

Due to the nature of hair in black women, protective methods are needed for hair care. Choose protective hairstyles, such as braids, twists, weaves, wigs, help shield the hair from environmental factors and daily styling.

Black hair tends to be drier, so keeping it moisturized is essential. This can involve using water-based moisturizers, leave-in conditioners, oils (such as coconut oil or shea butter), and deep conditioning treatments to maintain moisture and prevent breakage.

What's more, it's necessary to regularly trim split ends, allowing new hair to grow. Developing a habit of trimming the ends regularly helps prevent split ends and hair breakage, maintaining healthier hair overall.

Final Words

Overall, this article has covered the secrets to natural-looking wigs from the perspectives of wig density and color. It also recommended several wigs suitable for black women, along with hair care methods for black women's wigs. All in all, I hope this article truly helps you.

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