Wigs have long been a popular accessory in the world of fashion and beauty, serving as versatile tools for transforming your look. Among the various types of wigs available today, one that has been gaining significant attention is the free part wig. In this blog, we'll unravel the mysteries surrounding free part wigs, exploring what they are, the feasures of a free part wig, how to make a hair partng by using a free part wig and related hairstyles you can get with a free part wig.

what is a free part wig

What is a free part wig?

A free part wig, as the name suggests, allows you the freedom to part the hair in any direction you desire. Unlike fixed part wigs, which have predetermined parting locations, free part wigs allow you to create a parting according to your preference. This versatility makes them highly customizable to suit your desired hairstyle.

what is a free part wig

Features of a free part wig

Versatility in Styling: With a free part wig, you can change the parting style, experiment with different hairstyles. You can create multiple looks-from a sleek middle part to a chic side part or even a voluminous, no-part style.

HD Lace or Transparent Lace: Free part wigs often come with a HD lace or transparent lace front. This lace is used to create a seamless and realistic transition from the wig to your scalp. It allows for the appearance of hair growing directly from your scalp.

Natural Appearance: Free part wigs are designed with the look of natural hair. Which mimics the appearance of hair growing from the scalp, enhancing the wig's overall realism. The hairline often pre-plucked hairs and the knots usually pre-bleached.

Hairstyles can You get by using a free part wig


Middle parted hairstyle


middle part hairstyle

A middle-parted wig hairstyle features a symmetrical and balanced look with the hair evenly divided down the center, framing the face in a classic and timeless manner. Whether for a formal event or a casual day out, the middle-parted wig hairstyle offers a refined and balanced aesthetic that never goes out of style.


Side parted hairstyle


side part hairstyle

In this style, the wig is parted off-center, typically to one side of the head, creating a chic and asymmetrical appearance. A side part complements different face shapes and adds dimension to the hair, making it an ideal choice for both formal occasions and everyday wear.


C parted hairstyle


C part hairstyle

A C-parted hairstyle is a unique and eye-catching variation of the traditional middle or side part.This bold and artistic choice can be perfect for those looking to make a statement and experiment with unconventional yet captivating hair parting patterns.


Zigzag parted hairstyle



Zigzag partings can be achieved by alternating the direction of your part as you work your way down the head, creating a sense of movement and complexity in the hair.


How to make a hair parting by using a free part wig?

Creating a hair parting with a free part wig is a relatively simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

What You'll Need:

Free part wig: Make sure your wig is clean and properly styled to your liking before you start.
Rat-tail comb: A fine-toothed comb with a pointed end for precision.
A mirror: This makes the parting process much easier.
Hair spray or adhesive(optional): To set the parting in place.

_Place the free part wig on your head. Adjust it so that it sits comfortably and securely, with the hairline matching your natural hairline.

_Determine where you want the part to be. You can choose a center part, a side part, or any other desired location. Use a mirror to guide you if needed.

_Use a comb or your fingers to separate a section of the wig's hair along the desired parting line. Gently comb or brush this section of hair downward and away from the parting area to keep it separate.

_With the sectioned hair, using the pointed end of the rat-tail comb, carefully part it along the chosen line. Start from the front hairline and work your way backward. You can make it as straight or as curved as you like. Be patient and take your time to ensure the parting falls naturally and looks even.

_Once you've achieved the desired part, you can use some wig spray or adhesive (if necessary) to help hold the part in place. Be cautious with the amount you use to avoid making the wig look stiff or unnatural.

_Now that you have your parting in place, you can style the wig as you normally would. You can curl, straighten, or add any other styling touches you prefer.


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