When it comes to hair types, do you know your natural hair type? Knowing your natural hair type is important. Especially for "curly" and "wavy" hair type, which are easily confused. So in today’s blog post, I am gonna go over detail curly and wave hair types and 6 main differences to distinguish curly and wave hair.

Wavy Vs. Curly Hair

Curly Hair

In the hair classification system, wave hair typically refers to type 3. To further specify the curl pattern and characteristics, curly types are commonly categorized into a, b and c. All curly hair almost emerge spiral appearance.

Wavy Vs. Curly Hair

Type 3a: This curl type has a light curl pattern and features loose spiral curls. It is the less prone to frizz among three curl types.

Type 3b: Compared to 3a curls, type 3b hair has tighter and more defined ringlets with a circumference similar to a marker. It's usually coarse and may experience moderate to high frizz.

Type 3c: Type 3c hair have tight corkscrew curls, and each curl features with a circumference similar to a pencil or straw. This hair type is typically very dense and can be prone to shrinkage.

Wavy Hair

Similar to curly types, wave hair can be further broken down 2a, 2b and 2c hair types. The defining attribute of wavy hair is that it takes an S shape and none of these hair strands a complete spiral. That is the beauty of having wavy hair, because we can just do whatever we want play around. We can use curly hair products if we want, we can blow our hair out straight if we want. It's totally up to what you like.

Wavy Vs. Curly Hair

Type 2a: This is the lightest wavy hair type. It has loose, subtle waves that are typically easy to straighten.

Type 2b: Type 2b hair features more defined waves that may have a slight "S" shape from the nape of your neck to the ends. However, it is commonly straight at the hair roots. It's often frizz-prone.

Type 2c: Type 2c hair has the most defined "S" shape of the wavy types. It has distinct waves that can sometimes border on a very loose curl pattern.

Difference Between Wavy Hair And Curly Hair

Wavy and curly hair are both beautiful natural hair textures, but they have some key differences. Let’s explore together.

The hair follicles

Let’s start from the source. You hair type is determined by your hair follicle, while the hair follicle is often categorized into three main types: circular-shaped, oval-shaped, and irregularly shaped follicle. Straight hair typically originates from hair follicles that are more perfectly circular shape.

This shape makes hair grow out of the scalp from a vertical angle, forming straight hair. On the other hand, curly hair means that your hair follicle is more oval-shaped, allows hair growing in a more curved and spiral pattern, leading to distinct curls. Wavy hair has follicles that are somewhere between round and oval, resulting in gentle waves.

Wavy Vs. Curly Hair

Tightness of the curl

Unlike the above one, the second trait is more visual. You will find out that the curly of wave hair is looser and large while the curly hair has tighter, defined and smaller curls.

Wavy hair typically follows an "S" pattern, with the waves forming soft, gentle curves that flow down the length of the hair. Curly hair can vary in its curl pattern, ranging from loose curls resembling an "S" shape to more tightly coiled curls that may resemble a corkscrew.

The curl of the pattern

Wavy hair typically follows an "S" pattern, while curly hair has coiled curls that may resemble a spiral or corkscrew. however, when you have wave hair and it is wet, it looks like straight hair, not have pronounced wave. On the other hand, curly hair always features defined curls weather dry or wet.

The flat roots of hair

Usually, curly hair have a lot of coils from the hair roots to hair ends in a strand of hair, which means your curly hair never stick to your scalp like straight hair, and the hair at root grow outwards in a curl pattern.

Unlike curly hair, wave hair does not form defined wave at the hair roots. Normally, this hair type exhibits loose wave in the middle and end length. So the same as straight hair, the hair at root are more likely stick to your scalp, especially when you have really oily roots.

The volume of hair

Wavy hair usually appears less voluminous compared to curly hair. The waves add some texture and body, but they are not as full as tight curls. Curly hair is known for its volume and body. The curls can create a voluminous appearance, especially if the hair is well-maintained and conditioned. If you are a wig enthusiasts, you will notice a curly wig looks more voluminous than a wave wig in the same density.

The texture of hair

In general, curl hair looks frizz while wave hair looks smooth, and fine in touches.


Now that you have skim over this blog post. I am sure that you guys have learned that understanding your specific hair type can help you choose the most suitable hair care and styling products, as well as techniques that enhance the beauty of your natural curls or waves. Browse our website-Wigfever, we have got a wide selection of curly wig and wave wig for you.

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Wavy Vs. Curly Hair

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Wavy Vs. Curly Hair

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