Prom Hairstyles: How To Prom Hairstyles By Wigs

With the coming of prom, how can you achieve the glamorous feel to complement the hairstyles with puts of overall looks? Pretty hairstyles with puts can unleash the effect that one plus one is greater than two. To help you get some inspiration for prom, here are the recommendations for your prom hairstyles, including prom hairstyle up, prom hairstyles down, and pron hairstyle half up nbsp;half down.

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Prom hairstyles down

1. Body wave hair

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Wave texture adds elegant, refined, and stunning looks whatever the hair color is. Create the body wave texture by applying the curly irons at medium temperature, then pull them outward after rolling the hair in a suitable arc.

Of course, the body wave wigs can be selected directly with the wish to avoid damaging your natural hair or have quality hair for prom. The wave textures such as Hollywood wave;and loose wave also achieve different elegant feels, select them depending on your preference.

2. Curly hair

Most may consider the curly hair to be exaggerated, especially for prom. However, they are magic in creating the vintage, bright, creative vibes. Following your facial shape select the length of hair, and afro curly, kinky curly wigs are more fluffy than other types.

Prom hairstyles up

1. Fluffy braided ponytail

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Before creating this hairstyle, apply the curly iron to add the curls to your hair or wigs are useful to create voluminous hair. Tie your hair into a ponytail, low or high follow your preference, part the ponytail into three sections, then braid them. Tie the end of your hair, and tear loose the knots to add a more casual and fluffy look. Of course, they are better if you add more accessories.

2. Pull through braid

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Different from other braids, the pull through braid requires more rubber bands to create the textures of the braid. Tie your hair in a ponytail at the top, then secure it to avoid influencing the next step. Tie the second ponytail below first, then part the first ponytail to pull through the second ponytail. Repeat the steps of the ponytail, parting the hair, and pull through until reach the end of the hair. Tear loose the loop, then add your accessories of yours.

3. Crown braid

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

The crown braid requires the hair length to be longer to surround your head, part your hair into two sections, then start braid dutch braid from the roots of one side, follow the direction from the nape of the neck to ear, until to another ear, braid all hair and wrap your head by the braid hair. Secure the braid with clips, and make necessary adjustments, such as tearing loose hair, and leaving the baby hair.

4. Textured high bun

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Add the curls to your hair are useful to get a casual feel after achieving. Gather your hair first, leave a wipe hair around the hairline, then twist the hair upward, secure the twisted texture with clips, then create the fluffy textures you desire, and you will get a fabulous high bun. Of course, other methods can be used for a more casual and glamorous look.

5. Low chingon

Leave enough hair around the hairline, tie your hair to a low ponytail, then twist the hair to wrap the ponytail. Putting two fingers to wrap the ponytail is useful to create a more full and round bun shape, Wrapping the hair until the end of the hair, and securing the bun with clips are useful to maintain the shape of the bun. Tear loose the bun to get the desired casual feel for your overall looks.

Prom hairstyles Half up half down

The magic of half up half down hairstyles is they fit all occasions and all hair shapes. Versatile and flexible style of half up half down, they are easy to achieve. Here are the prom hairstyles of half up half down.

1. half up half down with braid

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Part your natural hair or human hair wigs into two sections, half up and half down. Secure the bottom section to avoid influencing the top style, then part the top section into the left part and right part. Braid the left part and right part respectively, then gather them to medium, and apply the bow-knot or flower band are glamorous.

2. body wave prom half up hairstyle

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Body wave texture showcases the elegant and soft waves and is glamorous in creating hairstyles. Part your wig up and down, then tie the top sections. Some hairstyles can be achieved on the top section, such as bubble braid, bun, braid, or add accessories.

It is to be noted that body wave wigs require selecting high quality human hair wigs, which have fluffy and bouncy hair textures.

3. Pulled back braids half up

prom hairstyles how to prom hairstyles by wigs

Create the half up at first, tie the top section, then divide the top sections into two parts, create the loop through let the first part pull through the second part, and repeat the process until the ends of the hair. Tear loose the hair around the hairline to comfort yourself.

Accessories selection


1. Flower band

Flowers always remain and express the women of elegant, romantic, or glamorous. Of course, they provide a pretty look when wearing them on your head. Some accessories also provide a flower band to match your style.

2. Pearl

Whether the pearl earrings or pearl necklace melts in your hairstyle, the pearls are magic to improve your temperament.

3. Silk band

Tie it into a bow-knot to complement your styles, they are outstanding and highlight.

Which one wig is recommended?

To achieve these hairstyles, the wave hair textures can be selected directly for a quick hairstyle. We recommend selecting the types of wigs such as wear and go wigs and 5×5 lace closure wigs.

Wear go wigs offer quick wear before hairstyles are created, allowing the wearers to get the save-time and save-energy feel. 4×6 inches lace also allows the wearers to choose prom hairstyles less limitations depending on their overall looks.

5×5 lace closure wigs are more casual on styles of part than 4×4 lace closure wigs, the lace wigs show the natural hairline for prom hairstyles.

To sum up


These hairstyles are not only best for your prom hairstyles, but the wedding or other formal and romantic occasions are also suitable.

Select one wave wig for your prom hairstyles that are more saved, select the prom hairstyles to complement your puts, and unleash the beauty of magic and confidence of girls in prom.

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