Glasses and wigs are both excellent accessories. However, in real life, it's often challenging to pair glasses with wigs, whether as a fashion statement or a daily necessity for those with vision impairment. This is because wearing a wig can make the area around the ears uncomfortable when wearing glasses. However, Wigfever's wear go wig features an ear C-shaped design, making it comfortable to wear glasses while wearing the wig. Let's delve deeper into wigs suitable for glasses wearers.

pairing glasses with wigs

What Makes Wigfever's Wear Go Wig Compatible With Glasses?

C-shape design-match ear shape

The addition of a C-shaped design on the sides of the 3D dome cap of the Wigfever wear go wig mimics the contour of the ears, providing excellent protection for the ear area. This design prevents the ear tabs of the cap from covering the ears, which could otherwise cause discomfort, especially when wearing glasses.

The unique "c" shape design of our wear go wig solves many problems you may have encountered when wearing glasses with wigs before. Whether the arms of your glasses get stretched or getting headaches because they are pressed too tightly to your head.

pairing glasses with wigs

Of course, there are other solutions. Some users suggest wearing lace wigs whenever possible. Another option is simply cutting off the ear tabs of the wig and ensuring that the cap's edge is above the arms of the glasses. However, this approach can easily damage the weft.

Now, with our wear go wig, we've taken care of this for you in advance. You can pair glasses with wigs effortlessly. Not only can you wear and remove the wig without adhesive at any time, but you can also wear it comfortably for extended periods, with or without glasses.

Five top tips on pairing glasses with wigs

-Where your wig cap begins should higher than your ears so that the ear area is not painful. This is a more comfortable way to wear glasses and a wig at the same time.

-When choosing a wig, the edge of the wig is not just sit your ears, but there should be a certain gap so that your ears don't feel ncomfortable.

-Measure your head circumference before buying a wig, a wig that is too big or too small will affect the comfort of wearing a wig.

-Sunglasses with arms that are too wide are not suitable to be worn with a wig for a long time.

-Choosing the right wig to wear a wig is a much wiser choice than learning how to properly wear wigs with glasses.

Wigs suitable for glasses wearer

Mid-length wigs with glasses

Mid-length wigs are most suitable for pairing with glasses, whether they are straight, curly, or wavy human hair wigs. Wearing glasses frames gives off an intellectual vibe, while sporting sunglasses adds a touch of fashion and trendiness. This length typically falls just below the shoulders, allowing the glasses frames to remain visible without being obstructed.

pairing glasses with wigs

Kinky curly wigs with glasses

The texture of kinky curly wigs closely resembles the natural hair of black girls. Wearing a kinky curly wig can add volume to the hair, making it look lush and full. However, remember to trim the hair on both sides of the hairline to avoid obstructing the line of sight.

pairing glasses with wigs

Bob wigs with glasses

Bob wigs are very popular among glasses wearers. They are relatively short in length and easy to manage. It's advisable to choose Bob wigs with a 13*4 lace area, as this makes the hairline area look more natural.

pairing glasses with wigs

Wigs with bangs with glasses

You must have seen many hairstyles with bangs paired with glasses on Instagram. Bangs add a playful touch to the look, while sunglasses make it cooler. The combination of these two is perfect.

pairing glasses with wigs

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