When you receive a new wig, the first question that may bother you, even before you start wearing the wig, is whether you should wash it beforehand. Read today's article to find the answer to this question.

should i wash a new wig before wearing

Should You Wash Your New Wig Before Putting On?

Wig suppliers recommend washing the wig before wearing it. This is because, in the manufacturing, packaging, and transportation processes of wigs, certain chemicals are inevitably used to ensure their good condition during production and transit. Therefore, it is advised to wash the wig after taking it out of the package to eliminate any potential odors. These odors are usually easy to remove and do not pose a significant issue.

Some girls choose to wash their new human hair wig before wearing it because they may find the odor of a new wig unpleasant, even though the smell is not strong. Washing the wig in advance can enhance the overall wearing experience and make it more comfortable and fresher.

However, there are also girls who may not wash the wig at the first time, despite knowing that it is advisable to do so. This could be because they feel the odor is slight and very subtle, think there is no need for washing. Different individuals have varying preferences, so the decision to wash the new purchased wig or not may depend on your personal taste and habits.

Why Does a Newly Purchased Wig Have a Smell?

Wigs may spend some time in transit before reaching your hands. During shipping, the wig is placed in a plastic bag, so when you first receive the wig and open the plastic, bag, the smell of the wig might be a bit strong. However, after placing the wig in a ventilated area for some time, the smell will gradually diminish, and it won't affect the wearing experience thereafter.

Wigs come in various textures and colors, and these processes often involve chemical treatments. Even for a straight wig, certain chemical sprays may be used during transportation to maintain its optimal condition. Therefore, newly purchased wigs will have a smell; however, the odor varies between different wig brands, and the intensity of the smell also differs.

After Receiving a New Human Hair Wig From Wigfever, What Should You Do?

ONE-First, check the texture, color, and length of the wig in the package to ensure they match your order. If everything is confirmed to be correct, inspect the wig for any quality issues. Next, verify the completeness of the package, as we include complimentary gifts aside from the wig. These gifts consist of a purple bag, a purple bonnet, a Wigfever band, an edge scarf, a comb, two different wig caps, and a thank-you card. In case of any quality concerns with the wig or if there are missing items in the package, feel free to contact our customer service. They will assist you patiently in resolving any issues.

should i wash a new wig before wearing

TWO-You can try wearing the wig, especially if it's a wear and go wig, which can be quickly placed on your head. Look in the mirror to appreciate whether the wig's length, texture, and other features match your expectations. For lace front wigs that require adhesive installation, you can place the wig on your head for a rough comparison, but try to maintain the wig's original condition as much as possible. Avoid removing tags, as we offer a return and exchange service if you are not satisfied.

THREE-Of course, we recommend washing your newly received wig before wearing it, remember to use a gentle shampoo. We also have a dedicated article explaining how to properly wash a wig. If you are someone who prefers to wash your wig before use, you can check out this article.

FORE-If you feel it's unnecessary to wash the wig before wearing it, or if you have busy lifestyle, you're pressed for time, we suggest placing the wig in a well-ventilated area for some time to help eliminate any potential odors from the manufacturing process. Alternatively, you can wear it directly, but it's recommended to give the wig a gentle shake downwards, especially for curly and wavy wigs, to loosen the curls. This way, wearing it on your head will result in more volume. We also have an article that explains how to add volume to curly wigs.

Final Words

Actually, it's wiser to wash the newly purchased wig before wearing. If you plan to wear it for an extended period, it's also advisable to wash natural hair beforehand. However, if you never wash a new wig before wearing, it's completely fine to wear it directly; if the smell of the new wig makes you uncomfortable, go ahead and wash it before wearing.

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