Have you ever want to own a casual and cute ponytail hairstyle just with a wig? This may sound a little hard to achieve. But don’t worry, through this blog post, you will find it is not that difficult. Without further ado, keep reading and learn useful tips on how to tie a wig into a ponytail.

how to put wig into ponytail--step by step guide

What Is The Suitable Wig For a Ponytail

Before we start the step by step tutorial, let's move by shopping for a wig. In my opinion, a proper wig is already halfway to making your ponytail hairstyle a success. So what type of wig is actually better for creating a ponytail look? That's exactly what this section is going to be about. Keep reading for useful information.

Types Of Wig

There are two main types of wigs on the wig market, human hair wig and synthetic wig. Human hair wig, made up of real human hair, is becoming more and more sought after as it can provide a more natural look. Synthetic wig is cheaper compared to human hair wig, but the glossy look presented by the chemical fibre material seems to announce to others that I am wearing a wig. So i recommend use a human hair wig, add style to your ponytail look.

how to put wig into ponytail--step by step guide

Cap Construction

Wear go wig, headband wig and lace wig, they differ by having different cap construction. Which one is more suitable for a ponytail. The answer is absolutely lace wig. This is because lace wigs are popular for their ability to create a natural hairline. Lace wigs come with high-definition lace in the hairline area, making this area more realistic when you tie your hair back to form a ponytail. The more lace area, the better.

Wig Cap Size

The fit size wig is key. Remember to measure your head circumference before purchasing a wig. It's hard to achieve a natural ponytail look with a poorly sized cap. When the wig is small for you, you will inevitably experience headache; however, if the wig cap size if too big for you, the wig cap will be prone to expose and difficult to hide.

How To Put a Human Hair Wig Into Ponytail-Step By Step Guide

Get Your Tools Ready

-Lace wig
-A mannequin head
-T pins
-A hair tie
-A comb
-A scissor

how to put wig into ponytail--step by step guide

Put On Your Wig

This step is a bit of preparation. Comb and detangle your wig. Then place the wig on your head, without using glue to fix the wig for the time being, and adjust the wig to the right and ideal position on the head against the mirror.

Cut Lace

A lace wig is usually not pre-cut. You need to cut lace near the hairline by yourself. Be caution not cut too lace or cut the wig cap. If you want to learn detail lace cutting method on a lace wig, please shift your attention on our another blog how to cut lace on a lace front wig.

Make a Loose Ponytail

When the lace has been trimmed well, comb the hair back and form a ponytail, securing it with a hair tie, the height of the ponytail is up to you. Remember not tie the ponytail too tight, leave some space. The ideal hairstyle is a loose ponytail, not a sleek and polished ponytail.

Take Off The Wig

This step is optional, of course, you don't have to take the wig off. However, removing the wig and placing it on the wig head will make the next steps easier to work with. Observe the wig on the mannequin head that keeps the ponytail hairstyle and you will find edges that need to be hidden, edges of the hair cap, and an unnatural hairline.

Trim Hair Around The Edges of Wig Cap

If you tie a ponytail in your natural hair, you will find there are a lot of loose and short baby hair along your hairline, nape, ear tabs and sideburns. So we need trim hair in these areas to make your ponytail hairstyle as soon as possible.

Pull some hair strands out around the nape, ear tabs and sideburns in order that the wig cap is covered as completely as possible. If anywhere the wig cap might be exposed, just gently pull some hair out, make sure the wig cap is covered.

Use a scissor or other tools you can control well, cut these pulled out hairs short and uneven. Don’t forget create baby hairs along your hairline. Achieve the illusion of natural hair ponytail as soon as possible.

Final Adjustment

Finally install your lace wig with glue. You can still pull some hair strands loose to make it a cute messy ponytail.

Make Ponytail With Hair Ponytail

Have you learnt the essence of "how to make a wig into ponytai"? Make ponytail with a wig can be time-consuming and complex, here we have another easier way: make ponytail with hair ponytail. The hair ponytail is specially designed for ponytail hairstyle. But if you are experiencing hair bald spots and thinning, it may not blend well.

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