Lace front wigs have always been a popular item that lasts for a long time due to their realistic appearance and versatility in styling. However, it also needs tricks to keep its natural. In this blog, we will share with you effective ways to make your lace front wig natural.

how to make lace front wig natural

How To Make a Lace Front Wig Look Natural

1. Choose a human hair wig
Synthetic wigs always have an unreal strong glossy shine that is almost impossible to get rid of. The natural texture of human hair wigs is hard to mimic by chemical fibers. If you want your wig to be more natural, please choose a 100% human hair wig made with high-definition lace. HD lace is known for its natural and undetectable appearance, making it almost invisible when applied to the skin. Choosing HD lace human hair wig will do the trick for you to reach an effortlessly flawless look. Don't forget to measure your head circumference before buying, a wrong size will make your wig look out of place.

2. Cut zig-zag shape lace
It is harder for the human naked eye to see a jagged line than a straight line. People Plastic surgeons sometimes close up a wound zig-zag instead of straight because the scar is more unnoticeable to people. So, cut the lace into a zig-zag shape making your hairline undetectable to see. If you are bad at cutting in a zig-zag pattern, a pinking shear is a good helper.

3. Pluck the hairline
You can take a close-up photo of your natural hairstyle or observe someone else's, the real human hairline is usually sparse and layered. Unplucked wigs have a dense hairline, which can make the wig look too thick and unnatural. Plucking is a process of removing excess hair strands from the hairline by manually using tweezers. It will create a realistic hairline. Also, it helps with the placement for your baby hair.  If you do not clearly know what is the difference between them you can read this article to explore the details: Plucked VS Unplucked Wig: What Is The Difference Between Them.

4. Bleach the wig knots
The "wig knots" refer to the small black knots that tie each single hair strand to the lace base hole of the wig. When you wear the wig, these knots can be visible and obvious. When hair is naturally rooted in the scalp, the area where hair emerges from the scalp is not uniformly dark. Bleaching the knots into light color helps to make the knots less noticeable and achieve a more natural appearance. This creates the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp, giving a more realistic and seamless appearance.

5. Flatten your natural hair
You can braid your hair into cornraws or flat twist under your wig cap. This creates a smooth surface for the wig to sit on, preventing any bumps or unevenness that might otherwise show through the wig. Wig caps act as a protective barrier between the wig and your natural hair, reducing friction. This can also help minimize potential damage to your hair and keep it healthy.

6. Choose Skin-Toned Wig Cap
Opt for a wig cap that matches your skin tone. This helps to create the illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp. You can use a liquid foundation or shadow powder that is similar to your skin tone to apply on the wig cap so that the wig cap can blend perfectly with your scalp.

7. Add baby hair
Baby hair adds an element of realism to the wig, as natural hairlines often have these fine hairs. Baby hair softens the appearance of the wig's hairline, creating a smoother and more gradual transition between the wig and your skin. This helps to avoid a harsh contrast between the wig and your forehead, making it look less obvious that you are wearing a wig.

Wear & Go Glueless Wig: A Secret Weapon for Effortless Natural Look

If you are bored with the above steps or worry that you are not skilled, try the latest trend recently: wear and go glueless wig. This wig will give you the most natural look without any effort on your part. Considering the voice of consumers, we launched this glueless lace wig series that can be called a game-changer. It combines the advantages of a lace front without using glue. It is really convenient, fast and comfortable.

natural glueless wear and go wig

This type of wig perfectly considers your convenience. Firstly, it has been pre-cut zigzag shape lace and plucked the hairline by professionals. Very friendly to novices. Secondly, it uses high-definition HD lace, no matter what skin tone you are, it can blend perfectly. In addition, it adopts an ergonomic 3D dome cap design, which can better make the wig fit your scalp. The design of the honeycomb mesh allows for more airflow, allowing you to keep your scalp breathing freely all year round. Not only that, it doesn't require glue to wear and won't damage your skin or hairline. Choosing this wig will allow you to unleash your charm effortlessly.


By following these steps, you can effortlessly achieve a natural look with your lace front wig. Embrace your new look with confidence and enjoy the versatility that lace front wigs offer!

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