The tangles on hair are troubles on style, looks, and even your mood. Without worry, if you desire to solve these irritating knots if you desire keep the hair smooth. Here are the main tips to help the girl detangle matted hair.

detangle hair how to detangle matted hair of curly wigs

The reasons of causing tangles

The reasons that cause tangles of hair and wigs are various, come here and find the reasons.

*Lifespan of wigs

With long time wearing or limited lifespan of wigs, the hair becomes less moisture or hair split, leading to a tangle of hair, especially for curly wigs.


A dry environment or high temperature leads to hair dryness, and windy weather may mess up and tangle hair.

*Less moisture

Apply the conditioner or the right shampoo to maintain the deep moisture of the hair, styling or long time wearing lead to less moisture of hair.


It is common to see curly wigs and super long wigs are easier to tangle as the friction of curly wigs and super long wigs are more than other types, which leads to the tangle of the ends of wigs.

*Quality of hair

The quality of wigs also influences the tangles, the fragility of synthetic fiber leads to more friction and less moisture, are more easy to tangle than human hair wigs.

The tools require to prepare:

*Wide-tooth shampoo

*Wig stand

*Special designed shampoo and conditioner



*Blow dry

detangle hair how to detangle matted hair of curly wigs

How to detangle matted hair of wigs?

Cutting your hair or wigs to remove the knots is heartbreaking and may damage the wigs, follow these tips without cutting hair directly. Of course, the purpose of this step is to loosen hair for the next steps instead of trying to detangle hair from human hair wigs.

First, wet hair 

Wet the tangled hair of wigs with warm water at first, lead the hair is wet without dripping water is better. Achieve this effect by applying the spray to wet, avoid brushing the hair at this step, which too wet hair may lead to hair loss or fragile hair. 

Second, apply the detangle spray

To provide deep moisture and extra protection, the detangle spray helps loose the hair. Use detangling spray or conditioner on the matted hair, ensuring enough conditioner is used on the tangle wig, (about two pumps for short hair, fourth pumps for long hair), and wait for several minutes until the hair becomes smooth, about half to one hour. Depending on the knot size apply more conditioner and minutes. 

Third, divided and step by step

It is difficult to solve the knots at one time, so step by step to begin from easy to difficult. Detangle the smaller knots at first, and secure the other part with clips. 

Fourth, apply the wide-tooth brush

Brush out the tangle of small knots slowly and carefully, patient is essential in this step, start from the ends of the hair, then follow the direction to the roots. Use the wide-tooth brush better than a normal brush for detangling while meeting the resistance, applying your finger to remove the knots if you are difficult to brush. 

After brushing or removing the knots, it is normal that the amount of hair is loss, which comes from the detached hair. 

Fifth, clean

Use cold water to rinse the conditioner or spray gently. Remember to gently treat your wigs because of the trouble things experience in your hair. 

detangle hair how to detangle matted hair of curly wigs

How to detangle a curly wig?

Compare to straight hair wigs, detailing a curly wig requires more patience and care to remove the knots.

First, secure your curly wig on a wig stand

Removing the knots of curly wigs requires more steps and patience to detangle a curly wig. Applying the T pins to secure your curly wig on a wig stand is useful to avoid damage to the hair or curls.

Second, part of the curly wig

The curly wigs are easy to tangle because of the curls, part your curly wig into different sections through the density and knots and secure them with clips.

Third, spray the water

Spray the water on each part to lose the hair, which is wet without dripping water is better. Applying the conditioner on the knots is also useful. Wait for several minutes(10-15 minutes) until feel the smooth hair of curly wigs. The deep moisture of your curly wigs helps detangle a curly wig.

Fourth, detangle the knots with your finger

The tangles on the curly wig may be difficult to brush with combs, and your finger may be better at removing the knots. Gentle and carefully untangle the hair with your finger instead of nail, otherwise leads to hair split and breakage.

Still remove the knots part by part, from the end to the roots. If you find it difficult to detangle, apply the conditioner and wait for several minutes again.

Fifth, a wide tooth brush

Brush the curly wig from one part, stay your wide-tooth brush on medium length, then brush the hair to the ends of the curly wig. Until the hair is smooth, then follow the way to the root of the wig, this is useful to avoid hair loss or hair split.

Sixth, clean and maintenance

Include washing your curly wigs, applying the conditioner, wait hair air dry, and storing it in the proper place.

detangle hair how to detangle matted hair of curly wigs

How to keep the wig from tangling?

*Gently and carefully 

Gently and carefully treat your wigs, including brush, and create the style of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Avoid friction or pull the hair. 

*Regularly brush 

Regularly brushing your wigs is useful to prevent knots of hair, also better for maintaining the quality of wigs.


Besides selecting the right human hair wig conditioner for your wigs, apply the conditioner in the right order, dose, and method. Following the instruction of shampoo or profession. 

*Apply the hair oil

The hair oil or other hair products in high quality can be applied on your curly wigs, which are useful to keep the moisture of hair and maintain the shape.

*Necessary maintenance

Include regularly washing, styling, storing, follow the right steps on how to maintain your human hair wigs. 


For different human hair wigs or bundles with closure, these steps are useful to detangle the knots. Following these steps recreate your human hair wigs and find the beauty of wigs.


To earn human hair wigs in pretty hair can not leave the patience and daily maintenance, also determined by the quality of wigs. Find your extra beauty hair through human hair wigs.

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