Would you like to add bangs to your favorite wig? Bangs can effectively help conceal that it's a wig while also beautifully framing your face, giving you an adorable and playful look. If you've been wondering how to customize your wig by cutting bangs, you're in the right place! Today's article focuses on guiding you through 'How To Cut Bangs On A Wig?' You'll discover that it's not as challenging as you might think.

how to cut bangs on a wig

How To Cut Bang On a Human Hair Wig----Step By Step Guide

Get your supplies

Hot Comb Hair Straightener
Hair Cutting Scissors or sharp Scissors
a rat-tail comb
Hair tie

how to cut bangs on a wig

Cutting The Bang On Your Head

Before you start cutting the bang, ensure that your wig is clean, dry, and free of any tangles. Then, place the wig on your head to cut the bang. While some articles may suggest cutting the bang while the wig is on a mannequin head or off on your head. However, we highly recommend cutting it directly on your head. This method allows for better precision in determining the bang’s length, avoiding cutting it too short or too long, ensuring that the bang perfectly match the desired look you want to achieve.

Leave a Section Of Hair To Be Cut For The Bang

To trim your bangs, start by using your fingers to roughly mark the area you intend to trim. Typically, this area lies above the forehead, forming a triangular shape.

Next, use a rat-tail comb to precisely section off the hair, starting from the bangs. Ensure this section forms a triangular shape at the front of the crown.

And then comb the rest of the hair backward. Secure it away from the bangs using hair ties or clips. This can prevents accidentally cutting hair that doesn’t need trimming while working on the bangs.

Immediately begin using the hot comb hair straightener to comb the hair leave out for the bang part forward, making it as flat and smooth as possible.

how to cut bangs on a wig

Cutting Your Bangs

In vertical cutting technique

Use your fingers to pinch the hair of middle triangular area, hold the scissors and cut horizontally. If concerned about cutting too much, it's advisable to trim slightly longer than expected bangs length. Begin by cutting the central triangular area, leaving some longer hair on both sides for facial framing and shaping purposes.

Afterwards, proceed with vertical trimming of the bangs using scissors. Adjust the orientation of the scissors in your hand so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to the strands of hair. Then, using the tips of the scissors, trim the ends of the bangs. Ensure the scissors don't open too wide, trimming a small section at a time.

how to cut bangs on a wig

In a twisted cutting technique

This cutting technique is literally knows as twisting the section of hair you want to cut before trimming it. Pinch the section of hair you want to trim for the bangs. Twist it tightly, imagine you are twisting a rope, twist it like rope-like formation.

Hold the twisted hair section between your fingers and position the scissors perpendicular to the twist. Trim across the twisted section, cutting carefully to achieve the desired bangs length.

You can trim the bang longer at first so that you guys rather than going too short immediately because the cutting is permanent and you can’t expect the bangs on a human hair wig growing long.

Release the twist and let the hair fall naturally. Comb and check the length and adjust if needed. You can re-twist and cut if it is longer than desired length.

how to cut bangs on a wig


If you feel the leave out hair for the bangs part is difficult to control while cutting. There's a trick. Prepare a spray bottle with water, spritzing the wig with water can help weigh down the hair and provide better control while cutting.

Finally, Perfecting Your Bangs

Looking into the mirror, comb the freshly cut bangs downward. If you found any sections that appear not straight or uneven, refine them in small vertical snips until you achieve the desired look.

You can use a hot comb hair straightener to style the bangs, creating a curved arc at the end of bangs, which would make it more amazing, cute, nice, and neat. Alternatively, you can style them into curly bangs instead of straight ones, which offers a more playful and textured look.

To Sum Up

So, now do you have mastered the technique of cutting bangs for wigs? However, if you're more inclined towards opting for weave wigs with bangs designs, our website, Wigfever, offers a variety of weave wigs with bangs. We have a range of styles available, from short bob to long bangs wig, in lengths ranging from 10 to 30 inches. Straight, wavy, and curly styles are available. Feel free to visit our website and explore more styling options!

how to cut bangs on a wig

how to cut bangs on a wig

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