Wigs come in various textures, how many wig textures do you know? Or are you able to distinguish between various textures? For wig wearers, if you are planning to purchase a wig, knowledge about wig textures is very crucial for an ideal wig. In this blog post, we will introduce all wig textures available on the Wigfever website.

different wig textures

Wigfever Different Wig Textures

At wigfever, we provide a wide range of wig textures, from straight, wave to curly. You can always find one that suits you best, helping you quickly shift hairstyles from sleek straight to bouncy curls. Besides, all our wigs are made of 100% human hair. Without further ado, let’s have a look at these captivating wig textures!!!

Silky Straight

Straight hair always gives sleek and smooth look. Among all textures, straight textures is the most classic and timeless. If you are looking for polished and refined appearance, a straight wig will match you.

At Wigfever, we offer straight wigs in various lengths, ranging from bob wigs to long straight wigs, available in lengths of 10 to 30 inches. Bob wigs often present a more trendy and playful feel. In contrast, long straight wigs offer a more elegant and gentle sensation, evoking a soothing, natural beauty.

different wig textures

Kinky Straight

This texture mimics the appearance of blow-dried natural hair of individuals of African descent or those with African-textured hair. In comparison to silky straight hair, the hair strands retain some volume and texture, displaying less defined kinks or curls.

A kinky straight wig offers versatility in styling, allowing individuals to achieve a natural yet straightened appearance.

different wig textures

Body Wave

Body wave hair are know for glamorous, eye-catching, rich, full, and luxurious in appearance. This texture is favored for its ability to add dimension and body to the hair while maintaining a natural and effortless look. The wave are large and loose. With a human hair body wave wig on head, you can expect it versatile in styling, you can also restyle it further with curls or straightening for different looks.

different wig textures

Water Wave

What are the difference between water wave and body wave? Water wave texture have a more defined, tighter, and uniform wave pattern, you can imagine waves in water. These two wave textures both can add volume. But water wave wigs offer more voluminous look. Wearing a water wave wig can make you exude elegance and romance.

different wig textures

Deep Wave

Most women often easily confuse with deep wave textures and water wave textures. Deep wave hair is know for a tight classic style and voluptuous. Compared to water wave and loose deep wave, the curls of deep wave are tighter and neater.

The deep wave hairstyle is truly versatile and suitable for various occasions, ranging from everyday wear to formal party.

different wig textures

Loose Deep Wave

Loose deep wave has looser and larger curls than deep wave. These curls are in a well-defined, elongated, and consistent wave pattern. If you want to purchase a wig that can add depth to your hairstyles, opt for a loose deep wave wig, there's simply nothing else quite as suitable.

different wig textures

Ocean Wave

This texture is not common in the wig market. Like body wave, ocean wave also has large, loose and relaxed wave pattern. These two types of wave textures are the biggest wave you can find.

Imagine relaxed beach waves and the waves formed naturally by the ocean, ocean wave can offer that feeling.

different wig textures

Kinky Curly

A kinky curly wig is the best choice for adding volume. The kinky curly texture is known for its tight, coiled curls and a dense, voluminous appearance. One characteristic of kinky curly hair is shrinkage, where the hair appears shorter than its actual length due to the tight coils. When stretched, kinky curly hair can showcase more length.

different wig textures


How To Choose The Right Wig Textures?

Your choice of wig textures can significantly impact your overall look, comfort, and maintenance.

If you aim for a style that resembles your natural hair texture, select a wig with a similar or complementary texture. This choice often provides a more seamless and authentic look.

Different textures can complement various face shapes. For instance, curly or wavy textures may soften angular faces, while straight or body wave textures can complement round faces by adding angles.

Your lifestyle influences the ideal wig texture. If you have a busy lifestyle and looking for a low-maintenance texture wig, consider textures that require minimal upkeep, such as straight or body wave wig, not easy to get tangled and shed.

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