If you're a fan of colored wigs, you'll often find the task of choosing among various shades daunting, especially when these shades are represented by numbers. Among all these options, hair colors 27 and 30 can be particularly perplexing, as the differences between them might seem subtle at first glance. Not to worry, the content of today's article will help you unravel the distinctions between them.

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

What Is 27 Hair Color?

In the hair care industry, hair colors are often categorized and identified by numbers. #27 refers to a specific shade, belongs to blonde color system, also known as honey blonde or strawberry honey blonde. You can associate it with a light auburn color. It blends golden brown, blonde and subtle red tones.

27 hair color is known for its warmth and can add brightness and vibrancy to one's hair. And it can also be used as a highlighting color.

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

What Is 30 Hair Color?

Unlike 27 hair color, 30 hair color belongs to the brown system. It is a mix of brown and red shades. You can describe #30 as medium auburn color, so it looks like more brown color than #27 hair color.

#30 hair color wig is ideal for imparting depth and dimension to the hair. This color is a versatile option that complements various skin tones and can add richness and warmth to one's overall look.

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

27 Hair Color Vs. 30 Hair Color, What Are The Similarities?

A lot of people get confused between 27 hair color and 30 hair color, which means that there are similarities between them, as we will explain below.

Red Undertones

Both hair colors contain red undertones, although it may not appear obvious, especially in the case of #27 hair color. Hair color #27 contains a little bit red undertones, while hair color #30 tends to have slightly more red undertones.

Warm Shades

Both shades typically exhibit warm undertones. Hair color 27 often contains golden or honey tones in blonde hues, while hair color 30 may have red or golden undertones in brown shades, imparting warmth to the hair.


Both colors are versatile and suit various skin tones. Hair color 27 can offer a sun-kissed look to lighter skin tones, while hair color 30 can provide richness and warmth to a broad range of skin tones.

Natural Appearance

When these two color wigs applied properly, both shades can offer a natural-looking appearance, enhancing the hair's depth and dimension. They both offer natural hair colors and do not give a bold or striking appearance.


These colors may complement each other when used for highlights or ombre styles. They can create a harmonious blend if used together, adding dimension and contrast to the hair.

Auburn Color

27 hair color is described as light auburn color, while 30 hair color is considered medium auburn color. They both belong to auburn color.

27 Hair Color Vs. 30 Hair Color, What Are The Differences?

Despite many similarities, there are some differences between hair color #27 and hair color #30. Keep reading to gather relevant information as we delve into the distinctions between hair color 27 and 30.

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

-The 27 hair color belongs to the blonde color system, while the 30 hair color belongs to the brown system.

-From the perspective of color depth, 27 hair color appears darker than 30 hair color.

-Even though both hair colors incorporate red tones, hair color 30 has more pronounced red tones that are visible and can be classified as a brown shade with red tones. On the other hand, hair color 27 appears to be blonde with no red tones.

-As mentioned above, 27 hair color is light auburn, while 30 hair color is medium auburn.

27 Hair Color Vs. 30 Hair Color, How To Choose?

What you need to consider while choosing between 27 hair color and 30 hair color? Has this ever bothered you, and if so, read on.

What does your skin color look like? Lighter or darker skin tone? Generally speaking, light skin tone is more suitable for 27 hair color, and dark skin tone is more suitable for 30 hair color. In short, don't choose a hair color that contrasts too strongly with your skin tone.

Although many articles suggest choosing hair color between #27 and #30 based on your skin tone or hair shade, when deciding between 27 and 30 hair colors, there's no need to consider so many factors. What matters most before making a choice is considering the hairstyle you desire. After all, personal preference is paramount. These two hair colors are quite similar, and their styles are closely alike, making little difference in terms of suitable makeup or attire. Therefore, bravely make your choice!

27 Hair Color Hairstyle

#27 Color Silky Straight 13*4 Lace Front Human Wigs

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

Water Wave #27 Color 13*4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

Body Wave With #27 Highlight 4*4 Lace Closure Wig

27 hair color vs 30 hair color

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