What is a 5x5 Lace Wig

What is a 5x5 lace wig? If you are a beginner of wigs, you may be confused about it and here in this article, we will give a complete detailed information about 5x5 lace wigs.

What is a 5X5 Lace Wig?

A 5x5 lace wig meaning that the wig has 5 inch width by 5 inch depth lace area in the front. Compare with normal 4x4 lace wig, the upgrade 5x5 lace covers more hairline and parting area, gives a more natural looking appearance.

Features of 5X5 Hd Lace Closure Wig

Features of 5X5 Hd Lace Closure Wig

What is a 5X5 Lace Wig

1. 5x5 lace wig apply undetectable swiss hd lace; more thiner, soft and delicate than transparent lace; melt perfectly with all skin color.

2. High quality 100% virgin human hair for most natural touch and looks like your own natural hair, can be styled, colored, cut like your own hair.

3. Super small knots, pre-plucked with baby hair, for most comfort, natural looking and easy to install design for women.

4. Pre-styled straight, body wave, deep wave, kinky, curly 5x5 hd lace closure wigs for your custom choose.

What is a 5X5 Lace Wig

5x5 vs 13x4 Wig

The difference between 5x5 lace wig and 13x4 lace wig lies on the lace size. The 5x5 lace wig has 5 inch by 5 inch lace size. And 13x4 lace wig has ear to ear 13 inch by 4 inch in depth lace size. The 5x5 lace wig has a smaller lace size and 13x4 lace wig has a bigger lace size, covers the entire hairline.

5x5 lace wig is cheaper than 13x4 lace wig. The lace area of lace wigs needs much work to do, the hair need to be hand-tied on the lace piece, and small-knots will be better, needs to be plucked and bleached, the lace area offer a flat and seamless hair look, hd thin lace makes it looks super natural. 5x5 lace wig has less lace area, thus it needs less hand-tied work to do, the price is cheaper.

5x5 lace wig has less styling options than 13x4 lace wig. 5x5 lace can cover the main hairline part and you can do side part with 5x5 lace wig. If you want to tie up your wig and show the entire hairline, a 13x4 lace wig would be a better choice. Both are made of 100% virgin human hair, can be curled, cut and dyed.

How Long Should You Stay on 5x5 Closure Wig?

5x5 closure wig can be stayed on 2-4 weeks. Then you can remove the glue on the closure wig and have thorough care of your own hair before you reinstall your lace wig. Long period of your lace wig installed on your skin may will cause damage to your skin and hairline.

Wigfever 5x5 closure wig can be installed with no glue. Or you can choose our Glueless wig collection products, wigs are pre-cut lace front wigs, no glue needed to install, melted into skin, very secure, 100% human hair.

Is 5x5 Lace Wig Best for Beginners?

The 5x5 lace wig is easy to install and has cheaper price. Compare to 4x4 lace wig, it has more lace space, has more styling option and natural hairline part. Compare to 13x4 lace wig, it is more cheaper and also offer a frontal like look. Pre plucked and pre bleached, very comfortable and easy to wear, 100% human hair for beginners.

Wigfever 5x5 Lace Closure Wig

Body wave 5x5 lace wig

body wave 5x5 lace wig


Straight 5x5 lace wig

straight 5x5 lace wig


Kinky curly 5x5 lace wig

kinky curly 5x5 lace wig