When purchasing a wig, choosing the right length wig has always been a daunting task for many girls. Based on customer inquiries, we have found that a 24-inch wig is the most frequently asked about. Therefore, this article aims to address our customers' most common question: how long is a 24-inch wig?

what is a 24 inch wig look like

How Long Does a 24 Inch Straight Wig ?

For a straight wig, 24 inches falls into the category of long hair, but it's not super long, falling approximately at waist to hip length when putting on head. The exact length may vary slightly between different wig brands.

If you want to measure the length of a newly purchased straight wig, first, take the wig out of its packaging and place it on a flat surface or a wig headstand. Then, take a flexible measuring tape and place one end at the center of the wig's hairline. Extend the tape downward along the hair until reaching the tips. Finally, read the measurement, which represents how long of the straight wig.

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How Long Does a 24 Inch Wave Wig ?

A 24-inch wave wig, when worn, may appear slightly shorter than a 24-inch straight wig. Additionally, different wave patterns of wigs with the same length can have varying appearances when worn. At WigFever, we offer wave texture wigs in body wave, deep wave, loose deep, and water wave. If all at 24 inches. In the case of water wave, it may look shorter when worn, while body wave may appear longer due to its larger and looser curls.

Measuring a wave wig follows a process similar but not identical to measuring a straight wig. Due to the texture pattern of wave wigs, measuring them is not the same as measuring straight wigs. It is necessary to straighten the wave wig before measuring to obtain a more accurate length. As different wave patterns may affect how the wig falls, it's recommended to measure from the crown (top) to the tips after straightening the hair for precise measurements.

The natural state of a 24-inch water wave wear go glueless wig, when throw on your head, typically falls around the chest or above the waist, which is often considered the most perfect length by most wig wearers. Here we have a video for your reference.

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How Long Does a 24 Inch Curly Wig?

A 24-inch curly wig visually appears slightly shorter than a 24-inch wave wig but tends to have more volume. The length typically falls around the chest. The video showcases a 13x4, 24-inch, Mongolian kinky curly human hair glueless wig. For a kinky curly wig, the feeling is different between a long kinky curly and a short kinky curly wig.


Long kinky curly wig provides a more dramatic and statement look with cascading curls that may reach beyond the shoulders or even down the back.

Short kinky curly wig offers a bold and chic appearance with curls that typically stay above the shoulders or around the neck.


Long kinky curly wig tends to have more voluminous curls due to the extended length, creating a fuller and more expansive look.

Short kinky curly wig while still maintaining volume, shorter curls may give a slightly more controlled and structured appearance.

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Similar to measuring a wavy wig, it's necessary to straighten out the curls for an accurate measurement of a kinky curly wig. However, due to the volume of the curls, straightening for measurement might be a bit challenging, but please be patient, try a few times!!

The Benefits Of Wearing 24 Inch Wig

Whether it's a 24-inch straight, wavy, or curly wig, all can be considered long-length wigs, allowing for a myriad of hairstyle options. These 24 inch wigs provide the flexibility to create updos, low buns, braids, or ponytails or even layered looks.

For a high-quality 24 inch wig made from 100% human hair, its flow and movement just akin natural hair, super natural-looking.

24 inch long wigs can frame the face beautifully, enhancing features and creating a flattering silhouette.

Final Words

For long hairstyles, if you're unsure about which the length better on you, 24 inches is a great choice. I hope today's article helps you understand how a 24 inch straight, wavy, or curly wig look like.

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