Transforming the look of a wig can be an exciting and creative process, especially when it comes to adding bangs. Cutting bangs on a wig can instantly elevate its appearance. However, achieving the expected outcome while trimming the bangs is crucial rather than damaging the beloved wig. So in this article, we will share some tips and tricks for cutting bangs on a wig, which will help you successfully complete this process.

tips on cutting bangs on wigs

Prepare a Sharp Scissor

Before cutting bangs on the wig, prepare a sharp pair of scissors. Having good tools can make the process of trimming the bangs more successful and the procedure easier and more straightforward.

A sharp pair of scissors ensures a precise, smooth and clean cuts. However, dull scissors can fray the wig fibers, leading to an uneven and unkempt appearance. What’s more, sharp scissors offer better control and accuracy. They allow you to have a steady hand and more control over the cutting process, enabling you to achieve the desired length and style with greater precision.

Don't Cut Bangs On a Wig Head

Cutting bangs on a wig while it's placed on a wig head may seem like a convenient option, but it's generally not recommended. Trimming bangs is meant to complement the face shape, so it's essential to use your own face as a reference. Avoid cutting the wig while it's on a wig stand because the head shape and size differ from your own, which can easily result in inaccurate bang length compared to your expectations.

tips on cutting bangs on wigs

Even though the bangs might look neat on the wig stand, wearing them doesn't guarantee the same neatness and could potentially cause the bangs to appear uneven or misaligned when the wig is putting on.

Cut The Bangs Longer Than You Want At First

Cutting the bangs longer than your intended final length initially is an excellent strategy when cutting bangs on a wig. Wigs are different from our natural hair; once cut, they won't grow back. So, when initially cutting, it's advisable to trim slightly longer than the intended length, considering there's no way to repair it.

Starting with longer bangs provides a buffer zone for potential mistakes. It allows room for adjustments and corrections without risking cutting too short, which can be difficult to fix.

Then, Cut Bangs Shorter Bit By Bit

You can make small, incremental cuts while assessing the length and style in between, preventing over-cutting. In case of any mistakes or if you're unsure about the desired length, cutting shorter bit by bit provides a safety net. You can always stop and reassess before proceeding further, preventing potential cutting bangs mishaps.

What’s more, it's far easier to trim a little longer hair if necessary than to fix overly short bangs. Moreover, if you trim slightly longer, you can adjust the wig slightly backward when installing it, which won't affect the overall appearance of the wig.

To Sum Up

With practice and attention to detail, you'll master the art of cutting bangs on a wig and create hairstyles that exude confidence and charm. If you want know step by step guide on how to cut bangs on a wig, we have a detailed tutorial for you.

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