Do you want to get a body wave wig to be your summer fashion potion? Body wave wig is one of the most popular wig for ladies. Summer, the season represent fashion, is coming soon, come and choose a summer body wave wig that suits you.

Summer Body Wave Wig

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1.What Is A Body Wave Wig?
2.Summer Body Wave Wig Recommendation
3.Pros Of Body Wave Wigs

What Is A Body Wave Wig?

Body wave wig is a kind of beautiful wavy texture wig. The shape of the body wave is very similar to the letter "S", and this curl shape also resembles the beautiful body curves of women, hence the name body wave wig. WigFever body wave wig made of 100% virgin human hair, tangle free, shedding free, with 4 combs, 1 adjustable band and a breathable and comfortable elastic cap inside.

Summer Body Wave Wig Recommendation

Body wave wig has so many different types for you to pick. If you don’t know which one to choose, please don’t feel worry, there are some summer body wave wig recommendations for you to help you make the decision.

4x4 body wave lace closure bob wig
4x4 body wave lace closure bob wig has a combination of a 4x4 smaller lace part with a short bob wig makes this wig very suitable for summer wear, both cheap and convenient. Bob short cut design can help you overcome the problem of getting your long wig wet and difficult to clean due to frequent sweating during the hot summer weather.

body wave wig

13x4 body wave lace front bob wig
13x4 body wave lace front bob wig has a bigger lace part than the 4x4 lace closure which gives you more room to cut the lace depend on your own thoughts. The larger lace part also makes the wig's wearing effect look more natural, creating a very natural hairline. This is also one of the reasons why many women who like wigs choose the 13x4 lace front more. Although the price may be higher than the 4x4 lace closure, the visual effect will also be better. Coupled with bob short cut design, it will wear naturally and refreshing in summer.

body wave wig

13x5 body wave T part lace front wig
If you want to save money and also have a very natural hairline, then 13x5 body wave T part lace front wig would be a very suitable choice, as its lace area is similar to the English letter "T", which also means it is not a large area of lace, but a long strip of lace in a T-shaped shape. Because we know that the larger the area of lace, the higher its price will be. However, due to the different lace construction of T parts from ordinary lace wigs, it can be purchased at a very favorable price while creating a very natural hairline.

body wave wig

13x4 613 color body wave lace front wig
The 13x4 613 color body wave lace front wig is definitely a very suitable color wig for summer, as it belongs to the light color range, and we all know that dark colors, especially dark black, are particularly easy to absorb heat. In this upcoming summer, if the wig you are wearing belongs to a dark color range, the temperature of sunlight will be greatly absorbed by your wig, which will cause you to feel very hot, sweat a lot, not only uncomfortable but also dirty the wig. But if you choose a light color wig like 613 color, it will to some extent reduce the probability of the previous situation occurring.

body wave wig

Pros Of Body Wave Wigs

Body wave is a very popular texture located in the middle of straight and curly. This also indicates that it combines the characteristics and advantages of both straight and curly patterns. Next, let's carefully explore what are the favorite advantages of body wave.

Gorgeous appearance
The large curl design of the body wave makes the entire wig look very magnificent and atmospheric, which will enhance the overall temperament of the wearer. The beautiful and noble texture of the body wave always reminds people of the exquisite and noble princess image, which is the aspiration of many girls. If you have a beautiful princess dream, the body wave will be your first choice for wigs.

Suitable for many occasions
The body wave texture is very versatile, and you can wear it almost anywhere without appearing too abrupt. Wearing it in daily school life or work can be very natural and beautiful. Wearing it at a ball can appear very charming and noble, while wearing it at a party can be eye-catching and sexy. No matter what occasion it is worn, it will be very suitable and show its different charm.

Easy to style
Because the body wave is between straight and curly, it is very easy to create various styles. Whether it's straightening or transforming into a small and delicate curly like a kinky curly, it's very easy and doesn't require too much effort.

Very little frizz
Because the curl of the body wave is a large and smooth curl with a large roll, not a small curl like kinky curly wig, it is not easy to curl and become rough, and it is very easy to manage. Therefore, the wearer can wear it with confidence without worrying about the roll becoming deformed or frizz.

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Ending Word

In this fashionable season, come and choose a summer body wave wig that suits you to create your unique fashion look.