Welcome to our step-by-step guide on applying and styling the glueless wear go wig! In this comprehensive tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of effortlessly achieving a flawless look with our innovative wig design. Whether you're a seasoned wig wearer or new to the world of glueless lace human hair wig.

step by step guide how to apply and style glueless wear go wig

How To Put On a Wear Go Glueless Wig?

How to install a glueless wea go wig is really simple, it doesn't require the complexity of installing a lace wig with adhesive, I need to write a related article specifically for this.

Prep Your Hair

Begin by ensuring your natural hair is flat smooth and sleek. This can be achieved by braiding your hair close to the scalp or if you have short hair by using a wig cap to keep it smooth. Tuck away any loose strands to create a seamless base for the wig.

Adjust The Straps

Most glueless wigs feature adjustable straps inside the wig construction. What you need do next : Customize the inside straps according to your head circumference to achieve a comfortable fit on your head. The wig should feel snug but not overly tight.

step by step guide how to apply and style glueless wear go wig

Position The Wig

Place the wig on your head, aligning the front lace hairline with your natural hairline. Slide backward in a smooth motion from front to back until it reaches the back of the head.

Afterwards, utilize the ear tabs on the sides of the wig to position it accurately, The Wigfever wear go glueless wig features added C-shape design on both sides, and you need to ensure the cap's edges sit above the ears, preventing any discomfort occurs.

Blend Your Hairline

Once the wig is securely positioned, for wigs with lace-front, consider blending the wig's hairline lace part with your natural hairline for a seamless appearance. Use makeup or concealer to match the wig's lace to your skin tone.

How To Style a Wear Go Glueless Wig?

For this part, feel free to unleash your creativity without any reservations—let your imagination run wild and style your wig however you like. Whether that involves straightening, curling, or accessorizing.

Tutorial: Classic Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle For a Wig

One: Ensure your wig is clean and free of tangles. You can gently comb or brush through it to smooth out any knots.

Two: Using a comb or your fingers, divide the hair into two sections, gathering the lace part of the hair and securing it. Use the pointed end of a rat-tail comb to achieve a clean parting. You can also use the front to the crown of the wig as the Half-Up portion, though we recommend minimizing exposure of the wig's weft.

Three: Gather the hair you intend to use for the half-up portion towards the back of the head, leaving some hair loose around the face to create a soft, natural look.

Four: Determine the position of the ponytail, which can be higher or lower depending on your desired hairstyle effect. Use a hairband to secure the gathered hair, while also checking in the mirror to ensure the ponytail is even and secure.

Five: If possible, gently tug on the top section of hair to add volume and restyle the top high ponytail to create a flattering shape. If desired, you can accessorize your hairstyle with hairpins, bows, or decorative clips to add extra flair.

step by step guide how to apply and style glueless wear go wig

Tutorial: Sleek Low Bun

One: Gather all the hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with a hair elastic or hair tie. Make sure the ponytail sits low on the head for a classic look.

Two: Take the ponytail and twist it tightly, wrapping it around the base to form a bun. Keep twisting until all the hair is wrapped neatly into a bun shape.

Three: Once the bun is formed, use hairpins to secure it in place. Insert the pins around the base of the bun, making sure they are hidden underneath the hair for a polished finish.

Four: Use a comb or your fingers to smooth down any flyaways or stray hairs around the bun. You can also apply a small amount of styling gel or hairspray for extra hold and shine.

Five: Take a moment to adjust the shape and position of the bun until you're satisfied with the look. Use a handheld mirror to check the hairstyle from all angles and make any necessary tweaks.

step by step guide how to apply and style glueless wear go wig

Wigfever Wear Go Glueless Wig

Purchasing and wearing Wigfever wear go glueless wig—your effortless solution for beauty that's both easy and secure. Designed with convenience in mind, this wig ensures a seamless and comfortable fit without the need for adhesive. Whether you're looking for everyday elegance or a special occasion stunner, trust in the Wigfever wear go wig to enhance your beauty effortlessly.

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