Long hair exudes charm and elegance, while short hair wigs are youthful and modern. How do you choose the right wig length for yourself between the two? Take a moment to read today's article to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both long and short human hair wig. This will help you make a more informed decision when selecting the length of your wig.

short wigs vs long wigs

Short hair wigs: try or not try

Lightweight and Comfortable

Many cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy opt for wearing short human hair wigs because they are lightweight and allow the scalp to breathe well, especially in warm weather, making them more comfortable to wear.

Short hairstyles have became a new trend, with many female celebrities showcasing cool short cuts or pixie cuts on the red carpet. These chic hairstyles often overshadow elaborate makeup and glamorous outfits, adding a touch of standout flair.

Low Maintenance

Washing and conditioning a short human hair lace front wig is easier because there is less hair volume and length. Additionally, short hair is less prone to tangling compared to long hair, making it easier to brush out while combing. Adding curls to your short hair when styling is also relatively easier.


Short hair is more affordable as it is easier to obtain. The longer the length of the wig, the more expensive it tends to be. This is consistent across various wig brands.

short wigs vs long wigs

Limited styling options

The greatest limitation of a short wig is the limited range of hairstyles it can achieve. Typically, the most common styles involve adding different textures of curls and waves to short wigs.

Long hair wigs: try or not try

Classic and Timeless

Long wigs are the epitome of classic elegance, timeless in their appeal and perfect for showcasing the essence of femininity. No matter the hairstyle you aim to achieve with long wigs, they always exude a sense of fashion-forward sophistication.

Versatile hairstyle

Long wigs come in different textures, colors. Long hair wigs offer versatility in styling, allowing for a wide range of hairstyles to suit different occasions and preferences.

short wigs vs long wigs

High Maintenance

Long straight wigs are more difficult to manage than short straight wigs, and long curly wigs are even more challenging to maintain than long straight wigs. Untangling knots in long hair wigs requires more time and effort to comb through, and washing and drying long wigs also demand additional time and attention.

Short Wigs vs Long Wigs: how to Choosing the Right Length for You?

Your height

If you're not tall, it's not recommended to purchase wig that's too long. Take straight wigs, for example—any length above 26 inches is considered quite long for petite girls, and it may make them appear shorter. Taller girls have more options to choose from and don't need to worry about this as much.

Occasions for wearing

Think about where you'll be wearing the wig most often. Short wigs are great for casual everyday wear, while long wigs can add a touch of glamour to formal events or special occasions.

Your Lifestyle

Short wigs are often preferred for their low-maintenance nature, making them suitable for busy individuals or those who prefer a quick styling routine. On the other hand, long wigs offer more versatility in styling options but may require more maintenance.

Your Face Shape

short wigs can accentuate features on round faces, while long wigs can elongate the appearance of square faces. Before purchasing a wig, you can search for information on matching face shapes with wig lengths to away from inappropriate wigs.

To Sum Up

Short wigs vs long wigs, how to choose? Did this article help you make a more informed decision when selecting between the two types of wigs?

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