Knowing how to style a lace wig into various beautiful looks is very important. Styling lace wigs can help you keep your lace wigs in the best condition as well as gives various daily hairstyle available without having to buy another wig. Once get started, you will find that syling your lace wig is not as difficult as you imagined. This article will show you how to style a lace wig like a pro.

How To Style Your Lace Wig Like A Pro

What You Will Learn From This Article

1.How to Style a Lace Wig
2.How to Straighten a Lace Wig
3.How to Curl a Lace Wig

How To Style A Lace Wig

Human hair lace wigs can be styled just like your own hair. You can hot comb, cut, dye, and curl lace wig to any style you want. 

Wash Lace Wig
Washing the lace front wig can clean the dirt, oil, glue used to stick the lace, and cosmetics on it. Not only is it beneficial for improving the overall aesthetics, but it can also better adhere to wigs when using some styling products in the next steps. 

Sink your wig with cold water, use your shampoo and get it all over the wig, gently scrub the lace part and wash out all the glue and dirt that stick on the lace. Use a brush to brush out all the glue, cosmetics on the wig.  After you are done of wig cleaning, wash out the shampoo. 

how to wash a lace wig

Dry your lace wig
After washing the lace wig, be sure to thoroughly dry the lace wig before style. Because wet hair can become more fragile, it may damage the wig or even cause hair shedding during the process of combing or styling. And styling in a wet hair state is not conducive to fixing the shape, so dry hair is our most ideal state.
When drying hair, it is best to air dry it naturally, but if your time is limited, you can use a hair dryer with the cool mode, as it will not damage the hair due to high temperature and can also effectively dry the wig.

Detangle your lace wig
After the hair has completely dried, we need to start combing open the knots on the wig. At this point, choosing a wide toothed comb is our best choice. And it is important to pay attention to the strength during the combing process, as excessive pulling on the wig can cause the hair to lose elasticity and even cause hair loss. Therefore, when detangling the hair, it is necessary to patiently use a wide toothed comb and a very gentle technique to detangle the knotted areas.

Prepare a mannequin head
If you are a beginner, preparing a mannequin head is even more necessary for you. Because placing your lace wig on a mannequin head for styling is a very convenient choice, as you can fully control every angle and detail of the wig. And it can fix your lace wig very well, so you don't have to worry too much about wig displacement or deformation during the styling process, which can cause some trouble. Moreover, it can also fix the shape well, and you can maintain a perfect shape when you take it off and wear it on your head.

How To Style Your Lace Wig Like A Pro

How To Straighten Your Lace Wig

Step 1: Put your lace wig on the mannequin head and you can use the T-pin to secure it not to falling down during the styling.

Step 2: Spray the heat protectant on your lace wig from the roots to the ends to protect it from heat damage. And use the wide toothed comb to brush your lace wig to help the heat protectant could spray evenly on the surface of the wig.

Step 3: Adjust the flat iron to the appropriate temperature.
And if there is a specific temperature that your wig can withstand on the packaging, straighten it with a temperature lower than the maximum temperature described in the instructions.
If not, please ensure that the temperature of the flat iron does not exceed 350 degrees, as excessive temperature can damage the hair quality of the wig.

Step 4: Separate your lace wig into 4-6 sections and clip it up. Dividing hair into several parts for straightening not only avoids the interference of broken hair during the straightening process, but also avoids missing a certain part of the hair, making each part of the wig more efficient in straightening.

Step 5: Start straighten your lace wig by flat iron from the root to the tip. Please attention that don’t let the flat iron too close to your wig roots and wig cap and don’t leave the flat iron in the same place for a long time which both will damage the lace wig.

Step 6: Let the rest of the sections straightened. Continuously slide the flat iron down the lace wig from the roots to the ends until you have straightened the whole lace wig.

How To Style Your Lace Wig Like A Pro

How To Curl Your Lace Wig?

Step 1: Secure your lace wig on the prepared mannequin head and use the T-pin to fix the lace wig firmly on it.

Step 2: To protect the lace wig from heat damage, we need to spray some heat protectant on your lace wig surface before we start curling it.

Step 3: Turn on your curling iron and make sure the temperature of the curling iron below 300 degrees. If there has a instruction about your lace wig telling the temperature that your wig can withstand, you can use the curling iron below the temperature which said on the instruction.

Step 4: Separate your lace wig into 5-7 small sections and use the elastic to secure it.

Step 5: Wrap your lace wig with the curling iron and hold it for 8 to 10 seconds.

Step 6: Slowly put out the curling iron and use the pin to fix the curl until it cools and sets well.

Step 7: Curl the rest of the sections until it reach the effect you want. If you want to make the curl more durable you can use some holding spray which is good for keeping your curly hairstyle.

How To Style Your Lace Wig Like A Pro

Ending Word

Hope this article could help you know how to style your lace wig. Try it and you'll see it's not that difficult.