Ready To Wear/Ship Wig

What is Ready To Wear/Ship Wig?

A ready to wear/ship wig is designed to be a pre-styled wig. You can easily put on and take off everyday. Comfortable to wear and enable you have a good night.

WigFever ready to ship wigs typically have pre plucked hairline, pre bleached knots, pre-cut lace, pre-styled wig hairstyles, get ready to wear it and go. Ready to wear wigs are popular among ladies who prefer not to use adhesive products on their skin or who want the flexibility to easily remove and reapply their wig.

WigFever ready to wear wigs come in different styles, lengths, and colors to meet your various needs, you just need to wear and go, both save you time and effort.

Why People Choose Ready To Wear/Ship Wigs?

Convenience: Ready to wear wigs are easy to put on and remove without the need for adhesive products such as glue or tape. Making it a convenient option for those who want a quick and hassle-free hairstyle change.

Protection for Natural Hair: Ready to wear wigs are considered a protective hairstyle because they don't require any glue or tape to be applied directly to the natural hair. This eliminates the risk of damaging the hairline. Ready to wear wigs allow the natural hair to breathe and grow without interference.

Comfort: Since Ready to ship wigs do not require any adhesives, they tend to be more comfortable to wear compared to traditional wigs.