How to have lovely curls?

Do you want to change your hairstyle along with the color of your hair every now and then and want to look different? Then there is no better option than using a good quality wig. You can get great wigs of all lengths and textures at which will add to your beauty in many ways. But, few actually know that the secret behind those glorious curls are the Curly Hair Wigs.

Tips! There are both human hair wigs for black women as well as lace wigs delivering those perfect curls.

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Why Choose kgirlhair Curly Wigs?


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  • 2.At kgirlhair, you get good curly wig with 100% unprocessed human hair at quite reasonable rates such as human hair short/long curly wigs for black women.

  • 3.Even more importantly, we provide you with multi-layered hair wigs for voluminous looks. By visiting our wide range of wigs, you can select your favorite wigs with natural luster and softest texture!

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How should you measure the wig cap size?

Do you know which one is the right choice for your head size? Determining a custom lace front wig size that’s right for you is actually easy. Below is a step by step guide on how to measure for lace front hair wigs.

STEP 1: Start by pulling your hair up and away from your face, and securing it with a hair band or clip. If your hair is short, try using a cloth head band to hold your hair back.

STEP 2: Using a cloth tape measure, drape the cloth tape around the back of your head and touch the base of your skull at a point where the african american lace front wig will end. Position the end of the tape at mid-point of your front hairline. Place the tape measure as shown, just above your ears. This measurement is your head 'circumference'.

STEP 3: Record your measurement. Once you have your head measurement, reference it in the size chart to find the wig cap size that's right for you.

How should you measure the wig cap size?


  • It's important to consider your body frame type and volume of your natural hair to ensure accuracy in size selection.
  • If you have a petite body frame and a full head of hair with moderate length, you are probably 'Petite'.
  • If you have a medium body frame and a full head of hair with moderate length, you are probably 'Average'. With these two frame types, go up a size for thick or shoulder length hair, and down a size for sparse, thin, or no hair.
  • If you have a larger body frame, your head circumference exceeds 22", and you have a full head of hair with moderate length, you are probably 'Large'.

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How to install and style african american lace curly wigs?

Before you put on your lace front wig with bangs, you will first need to prepare your hair. If you have short hair, simply brush it back, away from your face. For longer hair, pin it up by making flat pin curls out of sections of your hair. Keep them distributed evenly over your head to avoid bumps and bulges.


Follow these easy steps to put on your wig:

put on your wig

1.Using both hands, hold the wig by the nape where the label is. Tilt your head slightly forward. You will be putting the wig on in a front to back motion.

2.Position the front of the wig above your eyebrows, and slip the wig on like you would a bathing cap.

3.Push the front of the wig back until it rests slightly below your natural hairline. Center the wig by positioning the ear tabs on both sides in front of your ears, never covering them. When the wig feels comfortable, tuck in any stray hairs.


What's the easiest way to put on a wig? Here is a frontal installation tutorial video for frontal wig installed.Watch the video for expert tips on the quickest (and easiest!) way to put on your wig.

How to care curly wigs human hair?

Washing Wig:

1) Soak the hair gently with mild conditioning shampoo in cold or warm water

2) Rinse the hair in warm water towards to the same direction

3) Brush the hair gently in a downward from top to end

4) Lay flat the hair and leave it natural air dry


What should you avoid?

1) Do not use heated styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers on your curly lace wigs.

2) Do not brush your human hair wig when wet.

Attention Please: Wig Storage:The best way is on a lace front wigs for women stand or mannequin, also you can store it in a hair net and plastic bag. Please note lace front wigs real human hair should be placed in a cool dry space.

There are many ways to keep a human hair wig styled and fresh looking. In this video learn how to do this procedure and if it's right for you.

Whether you're new to wigs for black women or a experts, we gathered the best affordable curly wigs tips, and more. You can We are excited to share our years of training and expertise to make sure you have the best buying and wearing experience possible! 

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