Tips of Hair Care

1. DO: Comb before you wash.

Comb your hair is most important before washing.  The best way to comb, is to first finger comb, then use a wide tooth comb (starting from the ends and working your way to the roots)

2. DO: Section your hair.

Please section your hair (by 2 or 4 parts) and wash each section separately. So every bit of your hair is benefiting from the product

3. DO: Control the water temperatures.  

Water too hot or too cold is also not good for the hair, please choose the warm water when washing.

4. DO: Deep Condition.

As the hair is cut from donors, which already lost the nutrition support. After washing, it will be better to apply the deep conditioner thoroughly to the scalp, cover with a plastic bag and let it sit for 30 min or a little longer if you desire


1. DON’T: Rush wash day.

I know you might be busy and have many things to do. But it’s not called wash day for any reason. It’s good to take time to comb, wash, deep condition, and style your hair with a lot of TLC. Even though natural hair is thick, we still have a lot to maintain

2. DON’T: Use too many commercial products. 

Its impossible to say don’t use them at all, because of these products do help promote natural hair growth, but there are some ingredients you should avoid in your shampoos and conditioners like sulfate, Isopropyl alcohol, PEG, Glycol, DEA, MEA, TEA, and DMDM Hydantion, just to name a few.

3. DON’T: Overdo the heat.  

If you are going to use heat (especially on wash day when the hair is wet) make sure you have a heat protection product, and also don’t overheat the hair, too much heat will damage the hair in the long run

4. DON’T Sleep When Hair is WET.  

Please comb and blow the hair dry before you sleep and don’t go to bed without wrapping, brading or placing a sleep cap on your head, as this may protect your hair from tangling and matting while you sleep.